Unlock the full potential of your team’s collaborative power and transform a pivotal meeting into an action-packed success story.  Let our expert facilitation help you orchestrate productive discussions, navigate complex decision-making, and drive profound, positive organizational change.  

What To Expect

Dynamic and Results-Driven Experience

Our facilitation services go beyond merely managing important gatherings; we specialize in transforming them into dynamic, results-driven experiences that are also a lot of fun.  With our distinctive combination of expertise and empathy, we help organizations use their time together in the most productive, effective way.

Tailored Approach with Proven Methodologies

We will collaborate with you to custom-design the sessions, tailoring them to meet your specific needs and goals.  Pulling from a wealth of experience and proven methodologies, we will incorporate structured processes to ensure that you meet your short-term objectives and are also set up to take the work forward.

Experienced Facilitators

Our facilitators excel in handling group dynamics, communication, and conflict resolution.  They skillfully manage the meeting space to ensure that every voice is heard, promote constructive conflict resolution, and cultivate consensus to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration

Engaging a professional facilitator is a proactive step toward ensuring your meeting achieves the desired outcomes.  We are committed to making your time together a valuable investment for your team.  Expect streamlined discussions, intentional facilitation, and heightened productivity through improved communication. 

How it Works

Book a Consult

book a consult

We’ll get to know your organization, your needs, and the desired outcome of your meeting or event.

Review Options

review options

We’ll share various facilitation options and tailor the sessions based on your scheduling and budget needs.

Amazing Gathering

amazing gathering

We will guide you through a meeting that is collaborative, dynamic, and that sets your group up to take the work forward.  


When would a facilitator be most useful?

Consider working with a facilitator when:

  • You or your team lack a clear process and need help with defining a productive course of action.  For instance, maybe you have a new big project to kick off, a problem to solve, or you need to come up with a new idea, but you don’t yet have a process for getting there.  
  • You want to ensure that all members of your group have their voice heard, and want to reduce bias in decision making.  Facilitators are experts in balancing group dynamics, encouraging inclusive collaboration, and helping the group consider different perspectives before making a decision.  
  • You are feeling stuck and like you keep circling around the same questions and unable to move toward action.  Facilitators can help inject creativity into your process for coming up with new ideas and solutions.
  • You need to reach consensus.  Facilitators can provide expert guidance in achieving alignment and consensus within groups.
  • You are planning a high-stakes meeting.  When outcomes are critical, an external facilitator can help ensure that the outcomes of the meeting is successful.

What kind of sessions or meetings do you facilitate?

The beauty of our facilitation services is that it can be customized to almost any need.  That said, here are some examples scenarios where facilitation can be incredibly useful:

  • Retrospects – your team wants to reflect on a year or a large project, and capture the successes and lessons for the future.
  • Goal, Priority, or OKR setting
  • Strategy Development Kick-Off
  • Team expectation setting – is your team coming together for the first time or need a reset?  A facilitator can help you identify your pain points and extract the best ideas to help the group move forward the most productive manner.
  • Decision-making session – you need help moving from an idea to a decision
  • Brainstorming Session – you need to generate new ideas for an initiative or project kick off
  • High-Stakes Meetings
  • Cross-department Meetings
  • Ensuring that multiple stakeholders voices are heard – it is difficult to both participate in and facilitate a meeting.  

Let us take on the facilitation to ensure that everyone’s voices can be heard equally, and that all of the best ideas can be brought forward.

Can you provide facilitation virtually or in person?

Either!  Our team is experienced in facilitating both in-person and virtually.

How customizable is the scope and sequence of the agenda?

Completely customizable.  We have a wealth of adaptable frameworks to draw upon, and we are committed to crafting a session that is customized to your specific needs.

How much does it cost?

For pricing details and to discuss customized packages, please contact our team. We are committed to delivering value that aligns with your budget.

How far in advance should I schedule?

Depending on the need for customization, we are able to offer some facilitation services on a short notice.  More time is always helpful of course to give time to customize the session to your needs, but if you are in need of a facilitator for a virtual meeting on short notice, reach out and we will let you know how we can help!