Executive Coaching

With Proof Leadership coaching you will benefit from an independent voice that doesn’t have an agenda, isn’t trying to impress and can bring candor to unique challenges and opportunities.

What To Expect

Virtual not impersonal

Our virtual coaching isn’t limited by geography, awkward nor overly methodical. We will provide a personal coaching experience that gets results.

Social sector expertise

No one likes advice from the cheap seats. Collectively we have decades of experience leading in the social sector. We are particularly experienced in coaching mission driven leaders.

Tailored to your needs

We will meet you where you are at. From helping uncover blindspots, to talking through tricky situations, to strengthening your leadership skills.


We will provide an Independent voice that doesn’t have an agenda. Our coaches are committed to providing actionable advice to help you thrive.

How it Works

Book a Consult

book a consult

We’ll get to know you, what kind of coach you are looking for, and the goals that matter to you most.

Review Options

review options

We’ll share different coaching packages based on your coach preferences, scheduling, and budget.

Improved Culture

Improved culture

We will partner to build the skills, mindsets, and behaviors needed to have you perform at your peak.


What areas are covered in coaching?

 Some of the key areas people choose to work on are: leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, communication, career development, organizational issues, time management, meeting revenue or performance objectives, burnout prevention (work/life balance), innovation, turnover, “executive presence,” and managing resistance to change. Coaching can close the gap between where your leaders are now and where you want them to be.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Research suggests that virtually anyone with a challenging career can benefit from executive coaching. Executives and many others (including a variety of professionals and business managers) looking to advance professionally, foster personal growth, navigate tough transitions, or become a better leader will especially benefit.

How can executive coaching help leaders in university and other academic settings?

Like executives in the business community, leaders in higher education must manage programs and projects, create and implement long-term strategies, form partnerships within and across departments, and work efficiently and effectively. Academia also presents leaders with a unique set of challenges, such as exerting influence in less hierarchical settings or pursuing goals that are difficult to quantify. Executive coaching helps leaders in higher education succeed by offering solutions geared to their specific needs.

Is coaching confidential? Will my company know what takes place in our sessions?

Coaching sessions are completely confidential. Your company may have a policy requiring that certain general details be provided upon request (such as whether you are attending all the sessions and making good use of them). If your company will be paying for your sessions, we can help you determine what, if anything, must be disclosed.

Is it the same as counseling or therapy?

Coaching is NOT COUNSELING or THERAPY. Coaches are careful to maintain a clear distinction between their coaching and therapy. Coaches focus with their client on life and work issues from the perspective of “where are you now” and “where do you want to go.” Therapists, on the other hand, delve into clinical analysis, generally from a historical point of view, and focus on diagnosis and treatment. Many therapists may use some coaching techniques and vernacular, but coaches may not cross the line into therapy — a licensed profession. If a coach observes the appearance of a mental health issue, he or she will be equipped with referrals to an appropriate psychotherapist or mental health agency.