Career Coaching

With career coaching, you will get resources, support, and ideas to help you use your education, training, and skills to find your dream job.

What To Expect


Our coaching isn’t overly prescriptive or cookie-cutter. We work with each individual to understand their unique circumstances and provide a tailored coaching experience that gets results.

Social sector expertise

No one likes advice from the cheap seats. Collectively we have decades of experience in the social sector. We are particularly experienced in coaching mission-driven leaders.

Varied Services

We will meet you where you are at. Our support ranges from identifying core values and creating purpose statements to updating resumes and LinkedIn profiles and advising on real-time job search strategies.


Career coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. Our coaches move beyond assessments and theories. We are committed to providing actionable advice to help you thrive in your career journey.

How it Works

Book a Consult

book a consult

We’ll get to know you, what kind of coach you are looking for, and the goals that matter to you most.

Review Options

review options

We’ll share different coaching packages based on your coach preferences, scheduling, and budget.

Find Your Dream Job

find your dream job

Get the support and information you need to help you achieve your education and career goals.


What areas are covered in career coaching?

Coaches can provide space for you to explore what’s possible. They can be a sounding board for weighing out different options and help you unravel your thoughts to identify clear action steps. We can tailor a career coaching package based on your needs and preferences. Here are a few things we tend to focus on:

  • Crystalize unique strengths and talents
  • Clarify career goals and investigate career options
  • Conduct mock interviews for personalized feedback
  • Learn how to engage in authentic networking
  • Identify core motivating values
  • Identify ideal work environment- physical and socioemotional
  • Create a purpose statement
  • Create a personalized Career Profile of Self (one-pager)
  • Explore envisioning exercises
  • Learn how to vet job descriptions for maximum satisfaction and alignment
  • Evaluate possible opportunities using a personalized Career Profile of Self
  • Discuss specific job search strategies and next steps (if applicable); i.e. updating resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn, networking, preparing for interviews, etc.

Who can benefit from career coaching?

Are you thinking about switching jobs? Feeling stuck in your career? Currently in-between jobs? Career coaching is for you.

You give your car an oil change every 3,000 miles to keep up a maintenance schedule and get expert mechanic advice. But what do you do for your career? When it comes to your professional life, a proactive approach is best. Having a trusted adviser, such as a career coach, is a secret weapon that executives use across the globe, but you don’t have to be a member of the C-suite to take advantage of this opportunity.

Is it the same as counseling or therapy?

Coaching is NOT COUNSELING or THERAPY. Coaches are careful to maintain a clear distinction between their coaching and therapy. Coaches focus with their client on life and work issues from the perspective of “where are you now” and “where do you want to go.” Therapists, on the other hand, delve into clinical analysis, generally from a historical point of view, and focus on diagnosis and treatment. Many therapists may use some coaching techniques and vernacular, but coaches may not cross the line into therapy — a licensed profession. If a coach observes the appearance of a mental health issue, he or she will be equipped with referrals to an appropriate psychotherapist or mental health agency.