Become an Executive
Leadership Coach

What To Expect


It can be a lonely job. Join our community of other mission-driven Executive Leadership Coaches. We share clients when we take time off, bounce ideas off each other, and retreat regularly.

Efficient Systems

Our systems make it quick and easy to schedule, manage client notes, build proposals, invoice, and market. We will onboard you to these systems so you can focus on doing what you do best.


Proof Leadership Group is a trusted and established organization that has been serving the social sector for over a decade. Leverage our brand rather than trying to build your own.

Professional Development

We will onboard you to the Proof Leadership Group way. We have dozens of resources and curriculum. You will have a dedicated mentor and regular continuous improvement opportunities.

How it Works

Reach Out

We are always hiring new coaches to join our team. Apply by submitting your resume.


Let’s have a chat. We will get to know you and leave time for any questions you have for us.

Join Us

You’ll join the team, we will equip you with systems, processes, and an established client base.


How much do I get paid?

This is a commission-based position with the potential for performance bonuses. You will receive 60% of the fees charged to clients for services provided. All coaches will be W-2 employees and as such, Proof Leadership Group will cover unemployment insurance, short-term disability, workers compensation, and medicare and social security.

Why not just start my own leadership consulting business?

Most leadership consultants love coaching, teaching, and leadership. They don’t necessarily love finances (budgets, proposals, etc.), operations (business license renewals, taxes, etc.), and marketing (social media, newsletter, etc.). By joining Proof Leadership Group you get to do what you love and not spend your valuable billable hours managing a business. You also get other perks like a community of other coaches (it can be a lonely job), ongoing professional development, and access to content and curriculum to strengthen your coaching and benefit your clients. 

Is this the same as life coaching? 

We are not hiring for a life coach. We are looking for individuals who have years of leadership experience and who are interested in helping leaders in the social sector solve problems, overcome gaps, and maximize their potential using researched-based models and approaches.

Can I do this part-time?

No. If you are trying to fill in time between pursuits, are looking for something short-term, or need a job while trying to build your own business, please do not apply! We’re seeking candidates who are interested in the freedom that comes from having a predictable, meaningful, fun, well-paying, work-from-home position and who want to join the Proof Leadership Group brand.